Installation instruction

Installation of McGard Wheel Lock Nuts/Bolts

1) Remove wheel covers (if equipped) and one lug nut/bolt from each wheel. Verify that lock style,
seating surface style (cone, radius, flat, shank, etc.), length (total length, shaft length, etc.) and
thread size of the lug nut/bolt removed match the McGard wheel lock.
When servicing the vehicle, the lock should always be the first fastener removed from and the
last fastener installed onto the wheel!

2) By hand, install a McGard wheel lock onto each wheel. Use only one lock per wheel.
Impact guns usually cannot be set to and/or maintain proper pressure to obtain proper installation torque and should not be used for lock installation. Use of impact guns (pneumatic, electric, etc.) for installation may cause over tightening and permanent damage to lock and/or key.

3) Using the McGard key and a wrench, tighten each wheel lock to the torque specified on your vehicle owner's manual. For best results, always use a torque wrench and a socket. Keep the key pattern firmly
and squarely engaged into the lock pattern. They can be kept square to each other via direct inward
pressure. This will prevent uneven pressure on the key which could result in damage to the lock
and/or key.
Over-tightening the lock could result in difficulty of removal. McGard does not recommend the
use of oil, grease or anti-seize lubricants on threads. Spraying the threads with a greaseless lubricant
once a year is recommended.

4) If installing close-end lug nuts or wheel lock nuts, make sure that they have not bottomed out on
the stud (bottomed out refers to the closed end of the nut resting on the stud, while the bottom of the
nut fails to fully contact the wheel). Check for space or gaps between wheel and lock nut. If this is the
case, please contact your local dealer or our service hotline.

5) If installing wheel lock bolts, please make sure the shank length matches the original bolt. Too short
a shank could cause thread damage. Too long a shank can extend beyond the rotor and cause damage
to other vehicle parts.

6) After 25 miles of driving check the torque and, if necessary, re-tighten locks with a torque wrench
to the torque given in the vehicle owner's manual.

Removal of over-tightened Wheel Lock Nuts/Bolts

Warning: We recommend using protective gloves and eye protection when removing
over-tightened locks!

1) Over-tighten all lug nuts/bolts on the problem wheel to remove pressure from the lock nut/bolt.
Do not tighten to the point of stud or lug nut/bolt thread damage.

2) Remove the wheel lock with the McGard key. When using hand tools such as a lug wrench, ratchet,
etc. direct inward pressure on the key must be used. This will keep the key pattern firmly and squarely engaged into the lock pattern.
Normally McGard does not recommend the use of an impact gun, but if the key is not attached to another object (some McGard keys are equipped with a plastic or steel cable), an impact gun does work
best for removing over-tightened locks. If using an impact gun, the lock may not come free immediately. Continue using the impact gun as the repeated ratchet motion will slowly loosen the lock.
Please note: The key has to be completely engaged into the lock nut/bolt pattern. The opening tool
(impact gun, 4-way lug wrench, etc.) has to be placed straight onto the key. If the key and/or the
opening tool are not placed correctly, it could cause a damage of the key and/or the lock nut/bolt.

3) If the wheel lock does not free itself, loosen one lug nut/bolt (4 hole wheels) or two lug nuts/bolts
(5 hole wheels) opposite the wheel lock and repeat step 2.
If the wheel lock still will not come off, call McGard Customer Service Department for further assistance: 00800 25 99 34 00 (toll-free). Upon removal of the wheel lock, remove all lug nuts/bolts and remount the wheel. Install the wheel lock per the installation instructions found in this application guide.


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